700,000 won if you get married…”I should get married here”

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Local governments facing a population loss crisis have come up with support measures to give residents millions of won just for getting married메이저놀이터.

Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, announced on the 9th that it plans to provide marriage settlement support to four newlyweds starting this month under the ‘Support Ordinance for Population Growth,’ which was revised last year as a measure to increase the population.

The newlyweds are those who registered their marriage with Buyeo-gun between May 18 and 31 last year.

The subsidy is 7 million won per couple and will be paid in three installments over three years (first 2 million won, second 2 million won, and third 3 million won) in local currency, GoodTradePay.

The same amount is available for remarried couples, but divorced couples who have reunited are not eligible.

The subsidy can be applied for one year after the date of marriage registration.

The number of marriages in Buyeo-gun decreased by 45.1% from 264 in 2015 to 145 in 2020.

The decrease in the number of marriages has led to a decrease in the number of births and a decrease in the population.

In Chungcheongnam-do, Cheongyang-gun, Taean-gun, and Buyeo-gun are currently conducting marriage promotion programs similar to the one in Buyeo-gun.

“We hope that the payment of marriage settlement support will create positive conditions for marriage and help create a foundation for married couples to settle in Buyeo,” said a county official. “We will actively respond to the population decline by revising the birth subsidy regulations in the near future.”

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