5 stocks plummeted…Financial authorities “urgent inspection of unfair trade”

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In the domestic stock market, a pile of lower prices has occurred again메이저사이트.

It’s been about a month since the stock price manipulation incident in April, and the financial authorities have stopped trading the problematic stocks and started an emergency check for unfair trading.

This is reporter Yoon Hae-ri’s report.

It was at 11:46 am that the stock market began to experience an unusual heap of crashes.

Bangrim, a KOSPI-listed company, plummeted nearly 30% and was the first to lower the price limit, followed by Dongil Metal, a KOSDAQ item, also plunged to the lower limit.

Dongil Industries, Manho Steel, and Daehan Textile also poured in sales and entered the lower limit one after another.

In just 30 minutes, 5 stocks collapsed all at once.

The cause has not yet been revealed, but suspicions have been raised that the stocks in question match stocks recommended by a Naver stock cafe operator.

The cafe operator, who had recommended a specific item until recently, posted an article saying that it might be difficult to call due to personal reasons on the morning of the day before the massive crash.

As it became known that the cafe operator had a history of being involved in stock price manipulation and was sentenced to prison, as the suspicion of stock price manipulation grew, he refuted that there were absurd rumors. Some voices are concerned about a recurrence of the SG Securities issue plunge

that occurred at the end of April .

There is a commonality that the trading volume is not high and the items recommended by the online community are common, but at the time, the sales window was one SG Securities, but this time, there is a difference in domestic securities companies.

The financial authorities immediately suspended trading of the stocks, and designated three stocks, including Dongil Metal, Banglim, and Manho Steel, as investment cautions.

In addition, it is a policy to promptly come up with measures to protect investors and thoroughly investigate whether unfair transactions exist.

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