224cm ‘Super Prospect’ Wemban Yama is SAS… 1st draft pick

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The destination of Victor Wembanyama has been decided.

The San Antonio Spurs got the first pick in the NBA draft pick lottery held on the 17th.

It means that it was chosen as the destination for Victor Wembanyama. This draft is called the ‘Wembanyama Draft안전놀이터‘.

Wembanyama, who plays for Metropolitans 92, is a French national big man. He has overwhelming physical condition of 224cm tall and 244cm wingspan.

What makes him special is the harmony of his physical condition and technique. Even though he is a big man, his outside shooting and dribbling skills are guard level. He is regarded as the greatest talent since LeBron James. He is evaluated as a resource that will change the future of the club.

The odds of nomination were as follows: The bottom three teams, the Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, each had 14% chance of the first pick. The Charlotte Hornets had 12.5% ​​and the Portland Trail Blazers had 10.5%. 

2nd pick went to the Charlotte Hornets, 3rd pick went to the Portland Trail Blazers, and 4th pick went to the Houston Rockets. Detroit, which had a 14% chance of being named first, fell to fifth.

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