2023 IFSC Seoul Sports Climbing World Cup to be held on April 28

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Choose the world’s strongest rock climbing.’

The ‘2023 IFSC (International Sports Climbing Federation) Seoul Sports Climbing World Cup’ will be held at the Jungnang Sports Climbing World Cup Stadium in Seoul for three days from the 28th to the 30th. It is a competition hosted by the Korea Alpine Federation (안전놀이터Chairman Son Joong-ho) and the IFSC.

The World Cup is divided into bouldering and speed. On the 28th, the first day of the competition, men’s and women’s speed preliminaries and finals, men’s and women’s bouldering preliminary matches on the 29th, and men’s and women’s bouldering semi-finals and finals and awards ceremony will be held on the 30th.

This tournament is the second World Cup of the season after Hachioji, Japan. A large number of ‘world class’ players representing the world participate. First, in the bouldering event, Ogata Yoshiyuki (Japan) and Natalia Grossman (USA), who are ranked No. 1 in the 2022 men’s and women’s bouldering world rankings, Aimori (Japan), a new rising star, and Miho Nonaka (Japan), a silver medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, will participate. As for Korean athletes, Seo Chae-hyeon, Cheon Jong-won, Kim Ja-in, Sasol, and Lee Do-hyun, who are representative sports climbing stars, showed up.

In the speed event, the world’s top speed players such as Leonardo Bederik (Indonesia), who won the 2022 speed world ranking, and Kativin Kiromal (Indonesia), who set a new speed world record, are scheduled to participate. As the Korean national team, Lee Seung-beom, who won the championship by defeating world ranking No. 1 at the 2022 Asian Championships, and Lee Yong-soo and Noh Hee-joo, who won first place in the 2023 sports climbing competition, will participate.

The speed competition on the 28th can be watched for free. Tickets for bouldering preliminaries and finals can be purchased through the ‘Interpark Ticket’ website. In particular, the speed and bouldering finals will be broadcast live through the IFSC YouTube channel and SPOTV.

Son Joong-ho, president of the Korea Mountaineering Federation, said, “I hope that you will continue to pay attention not only to the competition itself, but also to the Korean national team players who will participate in the Seoul World Cup and the Hangzhou Asian Games in October through selections.”

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