19-year-old collapses in subway restroom…autopsy reveals unexpected substance

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The number of drug traffickers is increasing every year메이저사이트.

The number of cases where narcotics are detected in dead bodies is increasing. Let’s look at the article together.

In 2021, a 19-year-old man, Mr. A, was found unconscious in a subway restroom in Seoul, South Korea, and was taken to a hospital, where he eventually died.

Upon autopsy, fentanyl, a synthetic drug, was detected in his body.

According to data submitted by the National Institute of Forensic Science and Investigation to the office of Representative Kim Woong of the People’s Power, the number of cases of narcotics detected in autopsies rose to 69 last year, up more than 60 percent in a year from 43 the year before.

The types of drugs detected are also diversifying.

Heroin was detected for the first time last year, and synthetic cannabis, which was never detected until 2020, has been steadily increasing since 2021.

Fentanyl, the so-called ‘zombie drug’, was detected more than any other drug except meth.

An official from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs warned that ‘fentanyl poisoning is now the number one cause of death among teenagers in the U.S.’ and that ‘the influx of the drug into Korea is also increasing due to its easy accessibility compared to other narcotics due to the supply of cheap raw materials from China, which can cause serious social problems’.

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