11 goals + 12 clean sheets… The power of Newcastle’s ‘swamp football’ led to third place

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Newcastle United are performing better than expected. Once caught in the Newcastle Swamp, a strong defense is following. 바카라사이트

Newcastle are in third place with 39 points so far this season. The look of Newcastle, which was worried about relegation every season, is nowhere to be found.

Newcastle’s storm had a reason. It’s right there on defense. Newcastle have conceded only 11 runs in 20 matches so far this season. This is the league’s lowest score. A clean sheet is 12 matches. He went scoreless in more than half of his 20 games.

Compared to leading Arsenal, 5 goals less. It is less than half of the 25 goals of Manchester United (Man United) in 4th place, and Tottenham Hotspur (31 goals) in 5th place gave up three times more goals than Newcastle.

Newcastle’s solid defense is holding back the big six. Manchester City, Man Utd and Arsenal were drawn, and Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur tasted the bitter cup of defeat. The only one loss was a 1-2 loss to Liverpool.

Newcastle is likely to finish at least 4th this season by adding coach Eddie Howe’s leadership to Saudi Arabia worth 520 trillion won. If the current strong defense is maintained in the future signing of a special striker, Newcastle may be able to make the whole of Europe nervous beyond England.

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