‘1.4 trillion’ Barça treasure, deleted from homepage… FA Crisis Like Messi

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 Spanish Primera Liga FC Barcelona midfielder Pablo Garvey (18) is the most expensive player in the world to buy out.

When Barcelona announced a renewal of the contract with Gaby until 2026 in September of last year, it was revealed that his buyout was 1 billion euros (approximately 1.4 trillion won).

This means that he needs 1 billion euros to set the negotiating table with Gaby without Barcelona’s permission.

However, this player was in danger of being given away for free. According to the UK’s The Sun on the 25th (Korean time), the official website of the Primera Liga has excluded Gabi from the Barcelona squad.

This is the result of Barcelona losing a player registration dispute held in court.

The Primera Liga secretariat rejected Gaby’s new contract registration in September last year on the grounds that Barcelona would exceed their spending limit at the end of this season.

Barcelona tried several times to overturn this decision메이저놀이터, but the Primera Liga secretariat did not accept it.

According to The Sun, Gabi could play for Barcelona but is under a youth contract until the matter is resolved.

Accordingly, if the problem is not resolved and Gabi exceeds the age limit for youth contracts, Gabi can be released as a free agent (FA) and leave without a transfer fee to another team.

Barcelona thought they would be able to register Garvey with the departure of Memphis Depay and Gerard Pique, but it fell short.

Barcelona remembers that after the 2020-21 season, Primera Liga was caught up in financial regulations and was unable to renew the contract with Lionel Messi and left without a transfer fee.

To make matters worse, Barcelona is on the verge of trial because of the ‘Negreira case’.

Barcelona was handed over to trial this month on charges that the previous leadership paid large sums of money to high-ranking referees in order to make favorable decisions in the past. Spanish prosecutors captured the circumstances in which Barcelona paid a total of 7 million euros (approximately 9.8 billion won) from 2001 to 2018 to a company owned by former vice-president of the Spanish Refereeing Commission, José Maria Enriquez Negreira. Former Barcelona presidents Joseph Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell have been charged with corruption, fraud, violation of unfair trade laws and the creation of false documents.

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